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Fence Stainer

We are experts in all types of fence staining and wood preservatives. Our thorough fence staining process ensures that your Fence's appearance will remain beautiful long after our job is complete.

Though fence staining involves a similar process as painting it is just as important: if the wood isn't coated with something, it'll quickly turn gray and could crack, warp, or split. Fence Staining is probably the more popular method of protection since it highlights the wood's natural color, grain, and texture, but before application some time should be spent researching your specific installation. Planks come in all varieties (spruce, cedar, or pine are most common), and each requires a unique form of fence staining, prep work, and technique so consult an expert before buying anything. Also, after the fence staining is complete, a coat of sealer or wood preservative should be applied for additional protection (wear a mask, goggles, and gloves to protect against fumes and spills). Once again, it's an arduous job involving detailed work (you must get between each plank and in every nook), so there's no shame in avoiding the "heavy lifting" by calling on a pro at Xtreme Paint And Stain.

Do You Want The Tom Sawyer Blues?

There's a reason why America's most famous troublemaker conned his friends into doing the dirty work: fence staining is a real pain. In fact, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort just in the preparing the project for fence staining. Now are you ready to stain the longest wall of your life since both sides will need a few coats of fence stain, requiring lots of special fence staining and quality supplies.

Xtreme Paint And Stain will follow the following steps when working on your project:

First removing all built up dirt and debris.

Scrape off all the old paint or fence stain, sand down the rough or worn areas, and repair any damage suffered over the winter.

Finally, like in the home, tape your hardware and hinges. Plus, put down a small section of plywood or plastic to protect nearby concrete structures and shrubs to keep the pain on the product and not your lawn (it'll also save our bristles from getting dirty when near the ground).

As you can see, fence staining is a large investment, not only of money and time, but labor as well. So to avoid the strain on your wallet and back, it may be better served to hire a crew who will cost about the same, get the job done quicker, and professionally and in the end guarantee an appealing finished product.

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