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There's nothing worse than a beautiful home and a weathered fence that takes away from your homes true beauty! A fence is the largest visual back drop to the home and garden. Painting your fence has an overwhelming influence on the property's look and feel. Have Xtreme Paint & Stain professionally paint or stain your fence at your home or horse fence.   Most people forget to perfom maintenance on other aspects of the home.  For instance power washing the driveway, sidewalks and such.  Cleaning your driveway can also drastically improve your home's appearance.  This is also true of walk ways.  You should always consider power washing your property every couple of years.  This will extend the life of your property investments, saving you many hundreds of dollars in maintenance over the life of your home.

Fence Maintenance

Proper care of a fence especially for livestock is a serious concern.  Not only does it extend the life of  a horse fence.  It will better withstand the abuse that comes from normal wear and tear due to animals it contains.  Face it who wants to be chasing horses around the country side.

Weather will also take its toll as well.  This is especially true of wood fences more so than metal fences.  Fence staining will prevent wood fences from deteriorating over time.  This is one of the most often over-look aspects of maintenance.  It is always a good idea to stain your wood fences.

Wood is 100% treated when it’s installed. Making your fence look great for years to come after installation is completed, have Xtreme Paint & Stain professionally treat your investment with fence painting, fence staining products. While the sun dries out the wood and rain soaks into the wood you will start to see cracks, that is because wood expands and shrinks.

To protect your residential fence is like protecting your skin. You must use a treatment on it. The first time you treat your fence we recommend you go heavy with your fence staining treatment by putting a wood fence stain on it, giving you at least an extra 2 years. After that you should be good for 5 years. Residential wood fences can and will warp, fade, crack, and lean. This is due to weather not the Fence Painting Contractor. Mother nature has a lot to do with these things happening.

Remember your fence stays outside 24-7. 365 days a year in heat, snow, rain, cold, wind and even wet areas. Residential fences are good to have but come with a great responsibility. Xtreme Paint & Stain delivers quality workmanship with high quality painting & staining products. We also provide house painting along with our other services offering you a full service company.

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